We design and develop thoughtful digital products

We craft products with a focus on great User Experience and high-quality code

Another galaxy
We are a small, powerful team
We don’t elude you by overstating our abilites. We are a team of expert digital handcrafters and therefore we are responsible for our code and our design. We don’t waste your time with excuses.
We know the secret behind excellence
It takes reasoning, focus and passion. It requires a culture of continuous learning and exploration. It’s about sweating the details and not settling for ‘good’, but rather strive for excellent. It’s about craftsmanship.
We default to transparency
We establish business partnerships by understanding your market, exploring your problems and standing in your shoes. We believe that respect and transparency are the key factors for a productive partnership.
Let's work together
Our Practices
To ensure that our quality standards are never put in question and that we’ll always deliver you excellent work, we follow the best practices in the business.
TDD cycle
Well-crafted software
We master a variety of technologies and techniques that allow us to demonstrate our expertise by delivering quality software. We do not let unfamiliarity dissuade us from using the best tools.
Devices with different resolutionsDevices with different resolutionsDevices with different resolutions
Responsible Responsive Design
We are experienced in dealing with the challenges of designing and building products that perform efficiently across every device possible.
A human brain
Continuous Learning
Exploring new technologies and processes is our favorite food for thought. We dedicate one day per week to explore the unknown and step out of our comfort zone.
A human user-centered
User-centered Design
Every product that we make is entirely dependent on the needs of the user. This is our focus and objective from day one to delivery.
These are the practices we stand by.
If you feel good about them, learn more about our services or read our case studies.

Our Case Studies

easy.money logo
Easy Money
Design, Development, Business Partners
A platform that allows people to send and receive money to anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds, for free.
CreatorsSchool logo
Creators School
Design, Development, Business Partners
An highly-intensive 9 week program that teaches people how to program and helps them find a job in the tech industry.

Based in a dynamic and young city in Portugal called Braga


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