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We are educators at heart

Being an educator is embedded in our culture since day one. We take deep care and thought in the way we teach and help you improve.

“The software engineers led by Roberto at Subvisual are extremely passionate about what they do. They are extremely competent as engineers, they show a natural passion for teaching”
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João Miguel Fernandes
Full Professor at University of Minho

Team Work Practices

Products are born out of a necessity. By finding out exactly what the user needs to get done, we unfold the core of the problem we need to solve.

Advanced Ruby on Rails

We deploy new features immediately after the code review, which makes it easier to test and learn as fast as possible.

Working with Meteor

The only way to know if your product is working, is by putting it out in the world and learning from that experience. We are skeptical until we see field-tested results.

Crafting UX

We pick the most efficient tools, without hazarding the quality of our code. That way, we get to be productive without compromising our values.

Looking for help in other technology or area of expertise?

We can build a tailored-fit solution for you if you don’t think any of these is right for your company.

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“The Rails course was not only about programming. Understanding the web development process and its best practices was enlightening”
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Vasco Silva
Developer at Tekzenit
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