Professional Consulting


Client + Subvisual = 1 team

When we start working with you, we share your goals, ambitions and help you in overcoming your problems.

Transparent Communication

You talk directly with the craftsmen you’re working with. No middle man redirecting your mails or video calls. While we’re working together, our team blends seamlessly with yours.

"Having worked with a plethora of consulting agencies, I can say you guys are my favourite"

Sam Aofolaju

Rob Morgan


"I hate working with consulting agencies, but I loved working with you guys"

Sam Aofolaju

Sam Aofolaju


Flawless Work Culture

We bring our values and practices with us, helping you to take your process to a whole new level. We don't back down from our standards and our work always conveys our craftsmanship.

Only top-class Craftsmen

We are a small team for a reason. Every person we hire needs to show unique potential and full compromise to our values and principles, therefore we only have excellent craftsmen.

Our Technologies of choice

When it comes to deciding which technologies to use, we handpick what best suits you and your project. Having said that, it’s fair to say that Rails, Node.js and Angular.Js are between our favourites.

Chrome dev tools
“We engaged with Subvisual to help us innovate our User Interface Automation System. They did a tremendous job and even went further than what we asked, creating a broader system which made our day-to-day tasks a lot smoother."
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Mauro Martins
Delivery Manager at Blip
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