A culture of craft

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It started out of friendship...

Our company was born out of friendship between a group of very ambitious and talented people. That friendship moulded our team culture and it is part of who we are today.

...and grew with talent

Over the following years, we hired and trained craftsmen that showed distinct potential and proved to fit our culture. We make sure everyone that joins our team lives our values and principles the same way we do.

Our team of craftsmen

Our bond as a team stems from having fun while doing what we love together: crafting delightful experiences. We are a small team with boundless ambitions.

Francisco Baila


Cares about overcoming self limitations. Working to turn technology into a friend.

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Gabriel Poça


There is no time for introductions, but if there was, you would instantly understand that this guy is a developer and he loves every aspect of it.

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Helena Muniz

Head of People Operations

Loves people, learning, and to travel. Thrives in helping the team shoot for the moon. Believes everyone can achieve their goals and dreams.

João Ferreira


Believes Design is not about mastering tools but about mastering people. Passionate about music, movies and whisky.

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João Justo


Always gets way too excited about a new idea. Downhill amateur and Android fanboy. Avoid talking to him about Game of Thrones unless you have serious time to spend.

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Laura Esteves


Obsessive about organization and productivity, she'll take control and make sure things actually happen. The only way to stop her is with a good book and a fireplace. Always says goodbye with a smile.

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Luis Ferreira

Founder & Developer

Has worked on the web for a while now, mainly using Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Enjoys open source and giving back to the community, having taught Rails to hundreds of people.

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Miguel Palhas

Developer & SysAdmin

All-round developer with a background in High Performance Computing and a passion for the Open Source world. Still dreams about becoming a real game developer someday.

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Pedro Costa


Proudly weird, pedantic problem solver. Enjoys meta-programming a little too much. Got a GameBoy® when he was eight and hasn't shut up about Pokémon® since.

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Roberto Machado

Founder & CEO

Breathes technology and deeply believes, hence the creation of Subvisual, that it is the medium for a better future. Always has 5 minutes to listen to you.

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Ronaldo Sousa


Restless tech, design and music lover that likes to build software for people. Usually you can find him in front of a computer, behind a guitar or lying on a couch. Or you can’t.

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