Inspiring a Community


Giving back to the community through events and Open Source projects

We aim to do our part and give back to the community, in an attempt to inspire people and contribute for a better ecosystem. From international events to an active contribution to Open Source projects, we keep ourselves pretty busy.

For designers and front-end developers

MirrorConf is a conference designed to empower designers and front-end developers who have a thirst for knowledge and want to broaden their horizons. It aims to create the perfect set to blur the differences between these two worlds and point towards a more collaborative future.


A meetup for thinkers, tinkerers, inventors, and makers interested in thouhtful design.


A common ground for JS enthusiastics and Web aficionados in general. It’s also a place to talk about the Web and Mobile worlds.


A community to discuss all the things related with the creation of digital products.

We contribute to Open Source

In our every day work we use a lot of open source technologies. We believe it’s our duty to give back and contribute as well.

Whenever we can, we use our fridays as an investment day to dedicate ourselfs to learn and explore. Very often we invest that time in contributions to open source projects or in creating our own.

We are there

Caring a lot for our community means being a part of it.

We love organizing and participating in community focused events, both here in Portugal and across borders.

We are speakers

Talking about what you know helps to consolidate your knowledge. Recently we have spoken at Lambda Days 2018 (Kraków, Poland), at Functional Conf 2017 (Bengaluru, India), at Partial Conf 2017 (Sofia, Bulgaria), and in meetups like (Porto, Portugal).

We are educators

We believe in giving back by sharing what we learn, and in the process we learn even more. That's the reason we created Creators School (pun intended). Lately we also have given masterclasses at The New Digital School and we have organized workshops about Design and Product Development.

We are attendees

We love to attend events and learn from the best in the industry. Recently we attended KIKK Festival 2017 (Namur, Belgium), Git Merge 2017 (Brussels, Belgium), FOSDEM'17 (Brussels, Belgium), and PyCon Italy 2017 (Firenze, Italy).