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In a highly technological society, with the ground breaking advances made on cryptography and digital finances, it became obvious the way we managed and transacted money wasn’t working. It didn’t take too long for some extraordinary people to start wondering:

What if there was a way to exchange and convert money online, with zero fees, taxes and cost for the users?

The very idea of such a thing is enough for anyone with even a passing knowledge of how money works to scoff in contempt. But that is exactly what Uphold is doing right now. Its founder Halsey Minor was one of the first to see this coming and created the world’s first real-time transparent financial service, intermediating online exchange at absolutely no cost for the user.

We have been enthusiastic about this phenomenon for a while now, so when Halsey got in touch with us to craft a new product for Uphold, we couldn’t wait to start.

“I firmly believe that digital currencies are the best chance for modern society to reach financial balance and transparency”

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Roberto Machado

CEO at Subvisual

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Raise awareness by solving a problem

Uphold was looking for new ways to raise awareness about a product they knew was disruptive. They needed to show the world the infinite potential of their service, as well as to flatten the learning curve for newcomers to the astonishing world of digital finances.

They came to us with an idea that was as smart as it was simple: to allow people to create vouchers they could send to anyone, anywhere in the world, absolutely free of taxes or fees.

Considering the disruptive nature of the product, we knew we had to create a delightful experience for its early adopters. We were aware of people’s instinctive lack of trust towards a digital financial solution. If we wanted to overcome that, we couldn’t just provide a flawless experience, we also had to make it feel trustworthy.

“Our goal at Uphold is to enable trustworthy and easy-to-use remittance solutions that put lots of money back into the hands of people who need it the most”

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Tim Parsa

President of Global Strategy & Marketing at Uphold

We kicked off with a design sprint. We believe that if we are going to find a perfect solution, that caters to the users’ real needs, we must understand the problem to its core.

We began by figuring out the basics, learning all there was to learn about vouchers and all possible cases of usage. The first issue we tackled seemed quite simple: What constitutes a voucher?

Our very first attempt at wireframing a voucher
Our very first attempt at wireframing a voucher
Some explorations towards making it easier for the beneficiary to access the voucher, through QR code and a unique URL
Some explorations towards making it easier for the beneficiary to access the voucher, through QR code and a unique URL

Defining the structure of the vouchers was a challenge. We didn’t stop tweaking it until the late stages of product development. We ultimately decided to keep it clean and direct the users through a unique url that would allow them to redeem the voucher instantly. Also, we polished the aesthetics until we settled on a look that was professional enough. We also created a few different templates to provide a wider range of options for different use cases.

3 examples of templates we designed for
3 examples of templates we designed for

Focusing on the Job-To-Be-Done

After defining the content of the vouchers, we had what we needed to start working on the flow of creating one from scratch. There were two main goals at this stage. The flow had to be seamless and painless. We prioritize providing a delightful experience for the users. All the while, it had to feel trustworthy. The users had to feel they could actually use the platform to send money.

We designed a 2-step flow. We start by focusing the user on his available cards and prompting him to choose the one he wanted to use to fund the voucher. After selecting a card, the next screen would have a gradient background based on that card’s currency, providing a strong visual context while clearly separating the card from the form.

Create Voucher form - part 2
Create Voucher form - part 1
Created Voucher page

To create a voucher, you would need to have cards with funds. Since wouldn’t allow for currency conversion directly in the platform (it redirects the user to Uphold), we opted to apply a filter that would only show the cards with funds available. The user could still choose to see all his cards, but if he selected one with no funds a modal would pop-up explaining he could either select another card or deposit money through his Uphold account.

The user is prompted with this warning that provides him with two viable options
The user is prompted with this warning that provides him with two viable options

Taking Security seriously

Knowing these vouchers were also intended for the transaction of large amounts of money, we tinkered with the security measures we were going to apply to ensure safety. Trustworthiness was a priority. Data protection is a very sensitive subject when it comes to digital finance and we can’t take any chances when we’re dealing with information of such value. We invested a significant amount of time crafting robust security measure. We worked closely with the Uphold team to make sure no stone was left unturned.

Closing the circle

The next step was to explore how users would redeem the vouchers. Would they use the unique url on the voucher? Would they rather access our landing page and then try to understand what was all about? We had several possibilities, and we had to provide an excellent experience regardless.

We were aware that not only tech-savvy users would receive these vouchers, so we crafted the experience to be as simple and intuitive as possible. We wanted the user to focus on one step at a time and never feel overwhelmed. redeem flow

We added the option to redeem money directly from the landing page without any sign up required, thus removing any blockage to the completion of the process. This decision was crucial to transform into an open, friendly platform.

3,2,1… We have lift off! was strategically launched on the same day Uphold Connect was announced, which caused media attention and references on NewsBTC and Tech Crunch.

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We’re very proud of the work we done at and for being a small part of the big financial revolution that’s just around the corner.

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