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Whenever a web app has integrations with external APIs (which, let's face, happens most of the time nowadays), there's usually an increased complexity about it when it comes to testing.

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Written by Miguel Palhas on Mar 07, 2017

This week on Ruby Bits we've decided to honour the Juno mission entering Jupiter's orbit by discuss another special operator in Ruby, commonly known as the spaceship operator (because it looks like one). You've probably come across it at some point, but if not, here's what I'm talking about: <=>.

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Written by Luis Zamith on Jul 05, 2016

If you thought that the === operator was something only JavaScript developers had to deal with, you were mistaken. We also have one in Ruby, even though it differs immensely in terms of functionality, from its JS counterpart.

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Written by Luis Zamith on Jun 14, 2016

If you've ever used Ruby you have probably used Bundler through it's command line tool bundle. There's quite a few things you can do with bundle, from the more common bundle install or bundle exec, to the less frequently mentioned bundle outdated.

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Written by Luis Zamith on Mar 29, 2016