I can tell that something's off. Boxes are laying around on the floor, unorganized. People show up at our door asking us to taste food. Phones are ringing all day. And everyone is tense. Everyone but Laura; she's just pulling her hair off.

Written by Gabriel Poça on Sep 20, 2016

As designers, we get to learn new things every day. Most of them are usually related to the way we discuss design with others, which tends to be a bit chaotic most of the times. Although I'm far from being an expert in these matters, I've come a long way since my fresh-out-of-college design years and I'd like to share some of the little things that we can do/say/think to communicate better with the rest of the team.

Written by João Ferreira on Sep 15, 2016

There's just one thing I need to be ok: alone time. Being by myself is how I recharge and find the motivation to keep going. Knowing this, just imagine how sweet it sounded when I was invited to go to the UK to work with a client at his office. It happened last week, and it was music to my ears.

Written by Gabriel Poça on Sep 13, 2016

On the 1st of August we started out our internship at Subvisual. The main goal was developing a new product consisting of a financial app that would deal with the process of organizing and registering all the financial data of their organizations. Our target audience would be early stage enterprises like tech startups and small tech companies. Growing a business healthfully is a huge effort by itself, so why not clear the path of minor tasks that are simultaneously so important? So the problem was identified and our opportunity was here.

Design Sprint

Written by Summer Campers on Sep 09, 2016

Another week, another weekly. For this edition, Gabriel asked me to talk a bit about my thesis and share what I have been learning and doing so far.

Written by Fernando Mendes on Sep 05, 2016

Our new office is great. The team is growing, so the extra space and meeting rooms help maintain our sanity. We'll be hosting the next editions of [BragaJS][bragajs] and [BragaUX][bragaux], so it's the perfect excuse for you to visit us and see it.

Written by Gabriel Poça on Aug 29, 2016

For this weekly, I want to recall how we first started doing code reviews. We were young and striving to follow the great minds in this field. So Miguel and I decided to revisit our old pull requests and read the comments.

Written by Gabriel Poça on Aug 22, 2016

The secret sauce: isn’t it what everyone is looking for? To find some kind of secret sauce? Imagine how amazing it would be if you could just grab a bottle of an exotic substance, and then add a few drops of it to anything. This strange liquid would somehow turn an absolutely normal object into an amazing, delightful, joyful item.

Written by João Justo on Aug 16, 2016

I remember one particular class I had. It was late May and, as pretty much every Spring day in Portugal, the sun decided to greet us with a little too much enthusiasm.

Written by Fernando Mendes on Aug 11, 2016

I'm lucky to have a friend who really knows how to bring people together. He is the brains behind everything our group of friends does, whether it's a Christmas dinner, a summer picnic, or a trip somewhere. We know that he makes sure it happens.

Written by Gabriel Poça on Aug 08, 2016