It has already been a year since my first day at Subvisual. I was no stranger to working with this team then. I made a point of joining the RubyConf Portugal organisation team ever since the idea first came up and I've been involved in all the meetups and activities that I could. Nonetheless, I thought a recap of the events, both those that led me here and those since I've been here, would be a fit way to celebrate the achievement.

Written by Pedro Costa on Nov 18, 2016

We've all been there. We spend days, maybe weeks, planning something. We gather all the information and devise the ideal solution for that particular problem. But something happens, and our solution is no longer viable. It no longer solves the problem. The question now is, what's your backup plan?

Written by Pedro Costa on Nov 08, 2016

Have you ever found yourself working alone for what appears to be too damn long ?

Written by Miguel Palhas on Oct 21, 2016

Over the last 4 years, I've had the pleasure of helping out designers on their first experiences in the web. Typically they come with a lot of questions and insecurities, usually all concerning two things: Typography and colors.

Written by João Ferreira on Oct 19, 2016

Imagine you decided to organize an international conference starting 7 months from now. If you've ever been involved in organizing something like this, you know what I'm talking about. Going through all the bureaucracies and logistics, in a race against time. Imagine you'd optimistically planned for around 200 attendees and you had only sold around 50 tickets about a month and a half away from the conference. Picture your budget being vibrant red with those 50 tickets, and the pressure mounting.

Written by João Ferreira on Oct 17, 2016

I'm proud to introduce the top geeks: Miguel and Fernando.

Written by Gabriel Poca on Oct 14, 2016

Last week was awesome. On Friday, everyone got together for a company hackathon. There was paper, code, and food all over the place. We even had a delicious meal prepared by our guest Ben.

Written by Gabriel Poca on Oct 07, 2016

Code golf is an interesting concept to me: to solve a programming challenge, using not the most efficient or readable code, or the most state-of-the-art solution, but with the smallest code size possible.

Written by Miguel Palhas on Oct 03, 2016

We did it. We made it happen. MirrorConf is done. By now, all of our team is remembering how great and rewarding MirrorConf turned out to be. All the effort and time invested was totally worth it. Even being on Subvisual’s internship program, I felt like I was part of something beautiful.

Written by Summer Campers on Sep 29, 2016

Designers are responsible for a load of tasks during a project and most of the times they juggle several projects at the same time. I struggled with this at first, but with a note here and there, I was able to get things done with only minor flaws once in awhile.

Written by Francisco Baila on Sep 28, 2016