Our Apprenticeship Program

Our apprenticeship program delves you into a professional environment that sets you up for a job.

Why take an apprenticeship with Subvisual?

At Subvisual you will work with the latest technologies in a relaxed yet challenging environment, surrounded by people who will help you grow.

Over the years we have been carving our niche as a reference in education. Besides meetups like Braga.RB, Braga.JS and Braga.UX, we also run Creators School. There, we teach about the web, from development to bussiness. We have also been invited to teach at University of Minho and the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave.

Apprenticeship’s outcomes

In our apprenticeship program you'll join our team and learn everything you need to know about the web. Our goal is to give you the tools to enter the market and level up your skills.

After this ten week experience you'll be ready to be hired, either by us or one of our partners.

Development Apprenticeship

A qualified candidate to the development apprenticeship is able to find her way around the web. She can easily edit HTML and CSS files, play around with JavaScript and is able to create a backend using a web framework.

Development apprentices will learn and work with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML5, Sass, Git, Unix, TDD and Agile software development.

Design Apprenticeship

A qualified design apprentice must have experience with graphical design for the web or iOS/Android as well as HTML and CSS. Design apprentices will learn to work with a focus on User Experience, by designing for the other side of the screen.

We'll get them through our design process and give them experience with real projects, solving real problems.

"This Apprenticeship Program made me take a giant step towards becoming a better developer."

Benjamim Sonntag
Apprentice at Subvisual

Former Apprentices' Testimonies

João Justo

Hired by Subvisual

“I joined Subvisual's Development Apprenticeship to learn how to develop for the web, but on top of that I learnt how to work in a team, how to push myself far beyond my best expectations and how to build sustainable, beautiful code. I evolved more in those months than I did in years before.”

Mário Abreu

Hired by Sage

“Subvisual's Apprenticeship surrounded me with a team of experts that pushed me towards overcoming my limitations. Not only did I learn the best practices in the business, I also got a clear understanding of how to work in a team.”

Francisco Baila

Hired by Subvisual

“I wanted to feel the weight of responsibility although I wasn't sure if I'd be ready to handle it, and working with a team that deals with that everyday seemed to be the perfect way for me to learn just how to do it. This apprenticeship would teach me how to work with real design problems, taking a design thinking approach.”

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My experience as an apprentice

In the last couple of months I've been a part of Group Buddies (now Subvisual). I joined this company as an apprentice, where I learnt how to work for the web and to follow high quality standards. I was already coding apps for fun, but I had no idea how the web worked.


The pursuit of craftsmanship

After finishing my graduation it seemed natural for me to continue studying and enroll in a master's degree, but by the end of the first semester I started to feel frustrated.


Announcing our Summer Apprenticeship Program

We are launching two apprenticeships for this summer starting in the end of June. We are looking for highly curious people that are eager to learn more about the magic world of the Web and Mobile.


Adapting education to the way we learn

When we started out Creators School, I got this scary feeling that we were way out of our league, like we didn't have the experience to teach anyone about anything. But as soon as I got over the panic stage, I got excited about the idea of taking a different approach at teaching.

“They never offered me ready-made solutions, they showed me how to get there by my own, thinking about the problem from the ground up.”

Francisco Baila
Hired by Subvisual

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for you?

We're looking for candidates, either recent graduates or more experienced, that are passionate about what we do. If you are ready to work in a team with professionals eager to share their knowledge and collaborate, it might just be.

Will I get a job?

In the final month, you will either receive an offer for a position as a full designer or developer at Subvisual, or we’ll connect you with other great potencial employers. Hard work pays.

How long is it?

The apprenticeship lasts ten weeks, full time, 40h/week, in Braga, Portugal.

Will I get paid?

The apprentices will be paid as Subvisual temporary workers during their apprenticeship. The current pay is €100/week.


We take applications continually and accept people on a rolling basis. No deadlines, no batches of apprentices.

Excited and ready to start your Apprenticeship?